First United Methodist Church of Kalamazoo

Below is a list of our 2017 Church Council members. For contact info, please call the church office at (269) 381-6340.

Chairperson - Matt Newman
Secretary - Diane Owen-Rogers
Lay Leader - Karen Hassevoort
Lay Members of Annual Conference (8-year limit) - John Clark
Reserve Lay Member to Annual Conference - Diane Owen-Rogers
Board of Trustees Chair - Sally Vorbrich
Finance Chair - Molly Williams
Staff/Parish Relations Chair - Dan Adams
Lay Leadership Chair - Rev. Steve Charnley
Treasurer - Terry O’Connor
UMW Rep - Nancy Hilliard
Young Adult Rep - Amber Walker
First Care Board President - Derek Geerlings

Archives - Ray & Sue Eden
Building & Grounds Committee - Tom Schaberg

Children & Families Ministry Team (CFM) - Jocelyn Newman, Jessica Grant
Communications Ministry Team - Dan Bunker
Congregational Care Committee - Laura Van Vlack-Ailes, Robin Entenman
Endowment Committee - Dan Adams
Finance Committee - Molly Williams

Green Team (Environmental Stewardship) - N/A
Hospitality Ministry Team - Bruce Binns
Justice Ministry Team- Ray Sweany & Ann Sweany
Kitchen Committee - Ray Sweany
Dick Knapp Bequest Review Committee - Karen Hassevoort, Carol McGlinn
Lifelong Learning Ministry - John Clark

Memorial Committee - Cheryl Anderson
Music & The Arts Committee - Liz Moon & Carol Hodges
Nominations - Rev. Steve Charnley
Outreach Team - Mark Oudersluys
Reconciling Ministry Team - Lori Owen-Rogers, Diane Owen-Rogers
Relational Ministry Team - Andy Vorbrich
Security - Michael Seals

Stewardship Ministry Team - Jerry Bultema
St. Andrew’s Group - Carol Hodges 
Worship & Technology - Derek Wheaton
Worship Enrichment Team - Deb Search Willoughby, Carol Grant