First United Methodist Church of Kalamazoo

212 South Park Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
(269) 381-6340


Emerging Worship

Sunday, November 12, 2017, 9:30 - 10:30 am

"Christ is Bread Awaiting Hunger" by Rev. Julie Kline. In our affluent community we will find hungry people. Even in the midst of our comfortable lives, people are hungry for good work, for love, and for a life that has purpose and meaning. We are part of a world that all too often is in pain. The challenge, for those who are sufering and for those who care for them, is to discern what shape the "bread" takes now--to identify what is life-giving for us and for the world, and then to work toward those things. Scripture calls for consistent gratitude from God's people. Gratitude is good for us, it enhances our lives to live as thankful people. Come and join us in Wesley Hall for emerging worship on the second Sunday of each month at 9:30 a.m. for a soul feast!

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