First United Methodist Church of Kalamazoo

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Youth Ministries News

SUNDAY, May 13, 2018 
9:30am - Once a month we offer worship in the Emerging Worship style. Youth are encouraged to attend this worship during the Sunday School hour (9:30-10:30). Come and join us for a Spirit-filled Soul Feast! 
6-8pm Youth Tribe: Movie Madness. “Mrs. Doubtfire.”  It is Mother’s Day. Hopefully, you have spent some portion of the day giving thanks for your mom and all those in your life who nurture and care for you. We will watch “Mrs. Doubtfire."  “She makes dinner. She does windows. She reads bedtime stories. She's a blessing... in disguise.” Bring a friend and enjoy some popcorn!

SUNDAY, May 20, 2018 (last day of Sunday School)
9:30am – Cocoa & Class: Sweetwater Donut Party!
It is our last Cocoa & Class for the program year, let’s celebrate with donuts! Before we eat the donuts we will get the incoming sixth graders who will join us for Tribe next year! To celebrate our year together we will end the way we began with some fun games.
5pm - ASP TASK MEETING. This is our first meeting (mandatory) to get together and talk about the task list that needs to be assigned to different people so that we can have a successful service project. 
6-8pm – Youth Tribe.  Mindful Mission ~ Kindness rocks/Cradle Kalamazoo/Outdoor Games with Eleanor House.  We’ll be making Kindness Rocks and placing them around downtown to give words of encouragement to those who might need it. We’re hoping to go and visit at Eleanor House and maybe do a project with Cradle Kalamazoo. 

SUNDAY, May 27, 2018
Summer worship schedule begins: 10am worship
6-8pm – Youth Tribe: Digging Deep: The Pressures & Temptations of Teen Living

What are the biggest challenges facing teens and how do you deal with them and still live as a faithful disciple of Jesus Christ? As we talked about this in Youth Council we came up with this list: peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, sex, stealing, sneaking out, skipping school, parent relationships and discipline. So, let’s talk about this stuff. These issues aren’t going to just go away but we can find ways to cope and still be true to ourselves, true to our families and true to the God who loves us through it all.

SUNDAY, June 3, 2018
10am Worship – Blessings for Laura!  L
aura has been our Wesley Intern all year long and we will recognize her in worship and bless her and the adventures that lie before her in life. Come and lay hands of blessing upon her!
11:15 – 3:30pm – Youth Tribe: Beach Party @ VanBuren State Park! **Note the different time!  Let’s go play in the sand, run down the dunes and maybe even get in that chilly water! We could toss a Frisbee, play SPUD or kickball if there is enough beach for us to run around. We’ll have a picnic and hopefully, enjoy some beautiful weather!

SUNDAY, June 10, 2018
9:30am -
Emerging Worship
5-7pm – Ichthus House Party @ the Kline Bolton House! **Note the different time!  
This is fun house church. The early Christians gathered in one another’s homes to sing, pray and eat. In this ancient tradition we gather to have fun and fellowship and communion with the sign of the fish, the Swedish fish that is. Come ready to play! We’ll have volleyball, badminton, (regular) kickball, SPUD, corn hole, basketball, croquet and we’ll have a bonfire, hot dogs and s’mores! This is the last Tribe of the program year so let’s celebrate it with all kinds of fun!