Braiding Our Story

Our Fall campaign, “Braiding Our Story,” embodies our community’s quest to discern God’s narrative woven into our lives and future. As we enter late fall, we contemplate how to thrive in today’s world while staying true to our faith. This exploration leads us to define a path grounded in God’s peace, aligning with our values, mission, and a vision rooted in both financial and spiritual generosity. We invite everyone to participate in this sacred journey, embracing worship, prayer, and shared experiences. Additionally, we’ll share devotionals on generosity to inspire reflection during our Fall Giving Campaign. Alongside this, we’re reflecting on our identity and envisioning the future, asking crucial questions to guide our church’s course. Together, we strive to weave a compelling and unified vision for our church family.

How can I get involved?

You can participate through generous contributions to support our 2024 operating budget, reflecting on the weekly devotions that inspire and guide, immersing yourself in worship every Sunday, and actively joining our mission vision workshop set for OCT 21. Your involvement in any or all of these enriches our shared narrative and propels us forward on this meaningful path.


Getting involved in our Sunday worship is simple and meaningful! Join us at our church or tune in online.


Donate to our church for the 2024 opperating budget and read the weekly devotions sent out Mondays and Wednesdays.


While the workshop has already concluded, we encourage you to stay tuned for updates. We will continue to work on the visioning work through the month of november.

Why and How do we do this?

Why  re-envision our Mission/Vision statement?

This process is an act of discipleship; how do we become the best Christian body that we can be, in this time and in this place? We lead through prayer, discernment, and by marking out a path for the church that is faithful, clear, and relevant to the current life and climate of the church.

How do we do it?

  • Pre-work: Clergy and lay leaders integrate reflection and feedback opportunities during Sunday worship to identify our church’s core values and areas of focus. 


  • Event: One Saturday event focused on Sessions 1-4 in the book, Mission and Vision Statement Renewal Workbook for Churches; opportunities for digital feedback prior to the event for those who cannot attend.


  • Feedback Loops: Leadership will draft vision, mission, and goals based on the congregational work in the previous two phases. Drafts will then be available for feedback loops through Sunday worship, Church Council meetings, staff meetings, and digital surveys.


  • Agreed upon vision, mission, and goals: launched at Sunday worship and used moving forward to guide all church work.


When was the last time we reviewed our current vision and mission statements ?

KFUMC created and then reviewed our current vision and mission statements in 2005 and 2009. Since this time, the church has continued to grow and build on our historical foundation in the Kalamazoo community.