Helping Our Neighbors (HON)

Helping Our Neighbors is a ministry of the church that assists people who are facing

  • Evictions
  • Utility Shut Off Notices

Do you need assistance?  Call the church at (269) 743-2500 and leave a message Our volunteers will check messages, and they will return your call within a few days. If you need emergency assistance before then, please call “211” at Gryphon Place or go to Ministry with Community.

The volunteer will listen to you and ask a few questions. If they determine your need is something we can help with, they will help you with the pledge process. You will receive an email copy of the pledge. Feel free to email us with your questions at

Would you like more information on our Phone Ministry Project? Please visit this page.

Would you like to support Helping Our Neighbors?

  • Donate funds to this important ministry of the church that helps people feel secure in their homes. Click here to donate online.
  • Consider volunteering as a part of the interview team or as someone who assists with paperwork by contacting Janine at
  • Pray for this ministry. “God, thank you for giving us the opportunity to sit with our neighbors. Help this ministry transform our church. ”

August Mission of the Month

The August Mission-of-the-Month will benefit our own Helping Our Neighbors ministry (HON). This offering is limited to three types of support: we seek your prayers, your time, and/or your donations. Individuals facing eviction procedures or threats of a Consumers Energy shut-off require assistance to prevent dire outcomes. They reach out to the church either by referral from social workers or through the emergency information hotline, 211, at 269-243-2500. These calls result in a voicemail, and one of our volunteers typically responds within 24 hours. Rapid response is crucial. After a brief conversation, we usually determine whether we can assist them. Additionally, we guide our callers towards other agencies that can help. Typically, HON pledges $100 to these individuals. Once they have raised the necessary funds to prevent shut-off or eviction, we forward our check to the landlord or Consumers Energy.

The funds HON distributes come from donations . It’s not uncommon for us to give over $750 a week. Collaborating with other agencies, we’ve even managed to raise as much as $2500 for someone facing eviction or $1000 for those at risk of power loss. Please support this initiative. In your prayers, consider if you might play the role of an angel for individuals confronting life-altering challenges. The people we assist are generally self-sufficient, with most having not sought our help since 2019.

Please know, the gift with the most profound impact would be your service as a volunteer. Thanks to your consistent generosity, we have yet to exhaust our funds.