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Genesis 45:1-15

August 20 @ 10:00 am

In this passage, Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers. They had sold him into slavery many years earlier out of jealousy, thinking they had rid themselves of him for good. However, through a series of events, Joseph had risen to a position of great power in Egypt, becoming the second-in-command to Pharaoh.

When a famine strikes the region, Joseph’s brothers come to Egypt seeking food. Joseph recognizes them but they do not recognize him. After testing them over a few encounters, in this chapter, Joseph can no longer contain his emotions and makes himself known to his brothers.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Joseph weeps loudly enough that the Egyptians in the palace hear him. He tells his brothers not to be distressed or angry with themselves for selling him into slavery, asserting that it was God’s plan to send him ahead of them to save lives in the face of the devastating famine.

Joseph’s revelation is met with shock and disbelief by his brothers. However, after their initial surprise, Joseph reassures them of his love and forgives them for their past actions. He encourages them to bring their father Jacob and the rest of their families to Egypt where he would provide for them.

This chapter highlights themes of forgiveness, providence, and reconciliation, showcasing the transformation of a family torn apart by jealousy and betrayal into one that is united and cared for.

Led by: Rev. Matt Weiler
Genesis 45:1-15


August 20
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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