Can These Bones Live?

In this Fifth Sunday of Lent, we gather to remember and reflect on the powerful vision Ezekial experienced. He was led by God into a valley of dry bones, and there, amidst the lifeless remains, God posed a crucial question to him, “Can these bones live?” As Ezekial prophesied to these bones, God commanded that […]

Ezekiel 37:1-14
Bulletin: 10:00 am

Who sinned?

In John 9:1-12, we read about the transformative power of Jesus' love and grace as he healed a man who was born blind. This story reminds us that just as Jesus healed the man in the story, he can also heal us and open our eyes to the truth of his love and grace. Through […]

ohn 9:1-12
Bulletin: 10:00 am

“Will You Give Me a Drink?”

This third Sunday of lent Jesus crosses cultural, religious, and societal boundaries by leading his disciples through Samaria. In the heat of midday, he seeks out connection with a Samaritan woman drawing water from the well. His command to her is also a question and an invitation to a new way of life: Will you […]

Bulletin: 10:00 am

Seeking: How do we begin again? 

This Second Sunday of Lent, two texts will guide our worship. The first featuring Abram and Sarai in Genesis Chapter 12. At the end of Genesis 11, all things pointed to death for this couple, and then in chapter 12 all things point towards life. In chapter 11 they were without direction. At the beginning […]

Led by: Rev. Matt Weiler
John 3:1-17
Bulletin: 10:00 am


“Who Will You Listen To?” Are you distracted? What are the messages that fill your days? Do you listen to the demands of “do more” and “be more?” The season of Lent calls us to slow our pace, make space for silence and reflection, and have ears and hearts to listen to the still, small […]

Led by: Rev. Julie Kline
Matthew 4:10

Grief & Being Present to the Process in Hope: The Blessing of Light

Grief and Being Present

Join us this Sunday in worship. We celebrate the transfiguration of Jesus as we ascend the mountain with Peter, James, and John to witness Jesus the Christ revealed in dazzling glory. The disciples may have other mountain treks on their minds, as mountaintop experiences are marked with significance, change, and greater understandings of the one […]

Led by: Rev. Julie Kline
Matthew 5: 1-5 & Matthew 17: 1-9 (NRSV)

Grief & Being Present to the Process in Hope: Releasing

Grief and Being Present

light candles? How can we be open to the spirit moving through us as we move through darkness? How do we find space for rest? Anointing?   Grief can come with being overwhelmed by life’s demands. During the pandemic the lines between “home space” and “workspace” were blurred and remain so. When the world opened […]

Led by: Rev. Matt Weiler

Grief & Being Present to the Process in Hope: Prayers

“While he lived on earth, anticipating death, Jesus cried out in pain and wept in sorrow as he offered up priestly prayers to God.“ ~Hebrews 5: 7   Join us this Sunday in worship We are beginning to move forward after the intensities of pandemic living. Yet, we may experience lingering grief. Grief is more easily […]

Led by: Rev. Julie Kline
Hebrews 5: 1-10

Laity Sunday

Join us this Sunday in worship  This is Laity Sunday, and our worship will be based on Paul’s first letter to Corinthians (1: 10-18) In his first letter to the Corinthians, Paul emphasizes the importance of unity and harmony within the community of believers. He writes in chapter 1, verse 10, "I appeal to you, […]

Corinthians 1: 10-18

January 22, 2022 The Invitation

“Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and curing every disease and every sickness among the people.” ~Matthew 4: 23  Jesus is on the move. He has emerged from the wilderness, and he begins his ministry with an undeniable energy. His movement is invitational, and he […]

Led by: Rev. Julie Kline
Matthew 4: 12-23

2nd Sunday After the Epiphany

Join us this Sunday!  On this Second Sunday after the Epiphany we continue in a line of Gospel readings through which we either discover, or are encouraged to seek out Jesus, the one who has come as a light for the world. This week our text picks up following Jesus’s Baptism, with John the Baptist […]

John 1:39

Baptism of the Lord

Join us this Sunday in worship as we learn of the Baptism of the lord. As we celebrate the love of God, let us set aside the struggle and instead embrace acceptance - both for ourselves and for others. Let us remember that Jesus was named and claimed by God, and we too are called […]

Led by: Rev. Julie Kline