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God Sized Vision & Provision

The first week of our worship series, “Braiding Our Stories: Aligning our Values, Vision, Mission, and Generosity” finds us in the Book of Exodus discovering the gifts of God’s provisions. This portion of the Exodus story reveals a people who are distraught with the worry of how they might survive. Their doubts grow and they […]

Rejoice Sunday

On REJOICE SUNDAY we celebrate and we anticipate all that God will accomplish in and through First UMC in the days ahead. We lift up our mission to EXPERIENCE, CELEBRATE, and to SHARE God’s love. We make a conscious choice among all the other choices available to come together as the church. So what makes […]

“Love Opens the Door”

Join us this Sunday in-person or online at 10 AM We are called to: Experience God’s love. Celebrate God’s love. Share God’s love. This is the mission of Kalamazoo First United Methodist Church that was discerned by church leadership in 2001. Since this time, we have been discerning and discovering how it is that we […]