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Adult Long-Term Classes

"Grow and Learn in Faith Together"

Not only do we have short-term adult classes on Sundays, we also offer weekday life-long learning classes. These class offerings change from year-to-year. They are always very rewarding, and certainly require some commitment.  


We have offered these classes below in the past and will have them available again in the future. 


Our sense of justice comes from our understanding of what are the rights of every person. The founders of our country recognized that these rights are from God. We understand that the listing contained in the Declaration of Independence is not a complete list. What does God wish for every person? In JustFaith, we will be informed by Jesus, the writers of our Bible, and more recent writings of God’s people. JustFaith is a course of study and reflection that has been used in a variety of churches that lasts approximately a school year. It will be offered in the fall through spring of 2016-2017 at First UMC. Approximately 30 members of FUMC, approximately 300 area-wide, have participated in this course. Many describe it as life-changing. Others find it clarifies and gives voice to deep convictions of their hearts.

Companions in Christ Courses

Companions in Christ is a multi-level course which has been offered for many years. It teaches and practices the basic spiritual disciplines of Christian living—prayer, scripture meditation, journaling, etc. Companions is an opportunity to become part of a Christ-centered community where you can respond to God's call to an ever-deepening communion and wholeness in Christ. If you are seeking a place where you can listen to the stories of others, and share your spiritual journey in an atmosphere of caring and trust, then consider participating in a Companions in Christ class. They have proven to be highly rewarding for many who grew to new spiritual depths. In fall and spring we often offer the Basic Companions in Christ class, The Way of Forgiveness, The Way of Prayer, or The Way of Grace.

Disciple Bible Studies

Disciple II Bible Studies are intensive studies that cover the Bible from start to finish. They run through the academic year and present the best possible overview of the Bible in historical context and provide the interpretive skills necessary for understanding. 

The Christian Believer

The Christian Believer looks at the great topics of theology through both Bible study and the writings of the great theologians of past and present. This is a head-oriented effort which pulls together the concepts and tenants of our faith in a systematic way. This class is often a continuation after the Disciple Bible study and focuses on the thinking side of spirituality.