The Gospel writer Luke tells us that there was no room in the inn. This has caused our imaginations and our Christian storytelling to create a character in our nativity plays, the innkeeper. Many times, this character is depicted as someone who quickly tries to close the door. Yet, the sacred text says, “she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manager, because there was no place for them in the inn.” If there was an innkeeper, they did not close the door quickly. Rather they opened a door, found a safe place for the man and woman who were expecting the hasty arrival of their child. The innkeeper is then one who was hospitable, compassionate, and looked for solutions amid a difficult situation. In this Advent season inspired by this worship series designed by Marcia McFee, we wonder, and we bring to this holy season a sense of curiosity. How might we take upon the characteristics of an innkeeper who makes room, who believes there are solutions to difficult circumstances so that the holy may be housed. Divine Love was given that evening in the stable. The manger, the stable became a beacon of hope. In this season of Advent and Christmas let us allow the Light of Christ to shine upon us as we make room for the holy, seek solutions as we are compassionate in this world and believe that Christ is a beacon of hope and a stable, abiding presence in our lives. Join us for worship in this holy season at 10am in person or online. As we hear the call of the Biblical prophets to care for our neighbors and “make room in the inn” we abide in the steady and stable love of God that fills us with the light of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.