We really are in this together. There is a tiny microscopic organism called coronavirus that is teaching us that we need to be united for a common cause, we need to take care of one another, and we need to be concerned with the well-being of those across the oceans and in our own community. We are in this together because coronavirus is teaching us that what impacts one really can impact the whole. We are living in a divided time that often focuses on our differences. We fragment ourselves by politics, race, social class, even our spirituality. Unity seems like a faraway concept and its neighbors, love and grace seem to be frequent outcasts as well. How can we reshape this narrative as Jesus followers? What would it mean for our common lives if we found blessing in unity and looked upon one another as kindred who must live in this world together? The teachings are ancient; the call of God has not changed:

“How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity!” ~Psalm 133:1

As we live within this global health crisis let us lean further into an understanding of unity. Let us lean into a sense of interdependence as if our very lives depended upon it. In this fall worship series we will listen deeply to the wisdom of the Psalms and Proverbs, the practices of the early Christian communities and the ways of living in, through and for Christ. Let us rediscover the blessedness of unity and find that we are kindred seeking kindred.