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The Truth in the Good News

Sunday, November 15, 2020, 10:00 AM
Led by Rev. Matt Weiler
Matthew 25:14-30

Finding the good news in this text while in the midst of a strangely ongoing election year, eight months into the global pandemic, on the cusp of the Holiday Season, is hard to say the least. Sometimes when we open up to Sunday’s lectionary we are presented with a shocking and glaring nearly direct word for whatever current social political circumstances we find ourselves in. Sometimes we open the lectionary and are confronted with a text so challenging we are not sure what to do with it. I am going to place this week’s parable of the talents in that category. I have preached this text numerous times over the years and still it leaves me scratching my head and wondering if I should jump ship EVERY SINGLE TIME. The trick in preaching this parable is to seriously question whether (a) this is a parable about the Kingdom of God, or (b) if this is a parabolic indictment on the world’s unjust economic systems in Jesus’ time. Either way the preacher goes they have a challenge before them. This week’s sermon is going with option (b). But where is the good news? That’s going to take some work but we’ll get to it. You’ll just have to stick around for the whole sermon. 

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