Adult Education

Sunday Morning Adult Academy Classes

Adult Academy Classes are now being held at 11:15 am on Sunday mornings. You may participate in person in the church parlor or on Zoom. Contact the church for instructions to participate via Zoom.

Christian Education at First Church: It’s For Life!

Academy classes are Sunday morning short-term classes for adults.  These September – May gatherings explore a wide variety of faith issues and interests.  Most of them last six weeks and lend themselves to drop-in attendance.  Most Academy classes are discussion based with plenty of lively, open minded, good humored conversation.  Our exceptional leaders and facilitators come from the congregation and from the community at large. We strive to have a large variety of topics during the program year.

Here are some samples from recent years:

Book Studies

The Bigger Table by John Pavlovitz
Fifteen Spirituals That Will Change Your Life by Henry Carrigan, Jr.
Unafraid by Adam Hamilton
Soul of America by Jon Meacham
Reaching Out by Henri Nouwen
Worshipful by James Howell
Immigration and Justice for Our Neighbors (anthology of poems)

Video Series

The Adam Hamilton series on Holy Week
John Dominic Crossan, “The Challenges of Paul”
Adam Hamilton, “Holy Week”
Adam Hamilton, “Half Truths: God Helps Those Who Help Themselves and Other Things the Bible Doesn’t Say”
The Life of Mohammed

Other Topics

Christ figures in the movies
The work of anti-racism
Poetry and race
The writings of Martin Luther King, Jr.
“The People of the Book – the Koran”

Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol is a diverse group of men who meet weekly from 9:00-10:30 am via Zoom or when the church is open in the Fellowship Room downstairs at FUMC (7:00-8:30 am).  Books that stimulate the sharing of stories are chosen.  Our goal is growing in an understanding about, not only what it means to be a follower of Jesus in a divided world, but also what Christians are called to do to help bring an end to systemic racism that still harms so many People of Color. This group is led by Pastor Matt Weiler.

Dawn Patrol has been an active, major piece of the puzzle in helping us stay strong so we can focus on the spirit of Christ who calls us to action.