This is Holy Week. Let us journey together with Christ into the most sacred time of our Christian faith and experience God’s story. We begin with the celebration of a palm parade that is both joyous and confusing. This leads to Jesus gathering with his disciples, washing feet, and mandating that his followers must “love one another as he has loved.” This meal of beauty and grace quickly turns as Jesus is arrested; his accusers harass and harm him. He is tried, and then the cross of Golgotha looms, and the weeping begins. We rest on Saturday, waiting for dawn to come as we prepare our hearts to receive. On Easter Sunday, we joyously celebrate the resurrection of Christ, lifting our voices in praise of the hope that is ours and the world’s. This is our story. This is God’s story.

You are encouraged to participate in all the worship, remembering that without the journey of Holy Week, Easter loses its deep meaning.