As we enter our 40-day journey of Lent, we “turn around” (the root meaning of the word “repent”) from the distractions of daily life and the ongoing clamor around us. Our practice of Lent will be to focus our attention on listening in a deeper way. Writer Parker Palmer suggests we must listen “to what our life is telling us,” in other words, to listen to the deep wisdom God gave to us as a birthright, connecting to God’s purpose once again. As we worship together and gather in small groups our intention is to quiet things down and heighten our attention to the “still, small voice” of God and our own True Self. Our Lenten worship music will lead us into reflective congregational responses, solos, choral singing and additional instrumentalists that will encourage the raising of our own voices as a prayer of connection to the Divine and one another. Worship will move us into meditating on the holy text and creating space to be intentional in God’s presence as we kneel at the communion rail, light candles and add our prayers to the prayer quilt in the sanctuary. If you worship from home, we encourage you to create a sacred space that allows you to journal your prayers, light candles and add a few pillows for a special place to kneel in prayer. Come and rest, come and listen.